Lift your ecommerce conversions to a whole new level with Helumium Kit

Over 120 conversion optimized blueprints and over 300 guidelines.

Yes, they are battle-tested and base on thousands of hours of research.

Yes, it will save you tens of thousands in redesigns and increase your profits. A lot.


Designed using tons of data and research

We have studied numerous researches, read hundreds of blogs, worked with clients over 20 countries. Spent thousands of hours designing the UX of many ecommerce websites. And ended up making Helumium

Top inspiration resources

Over 120 conversion optimized blueprints, battle-tested guidelines and automations.  For free 😎

Conversion optimized blueprints and automations

Get access to hundreds of blueprints and tons of marketing automation systems. Use the Kit to uplift your business.

Mobile first with 
high usability standards

We believe premium usability is like good hygiene (mandatory) and therefore we heavily focused on mobile first UX.

Autoupdates included and it is free forever

We plan to keep this project alive as long as we possibly can. Every update to the core kit framework will be free.

Rich ecommerce component library designed for growth

One size does not fit all - that is for sure. You will get different variations from menus, headers, cards etc.

Use it anytime and anywhere to work on sales

Helumium Kit is on the cloud and you can access it anytime from anywhere. We made the Kit to uplift your business.

Neatly organized blueprints, automations and guidelines 

The Kit is designed in Figma, which makes it easy to use for even non-designers and it is a perfect fit for your design team.


Works with any ecommerce shop world-wide 

Consider the KIT to be like a psychologist. It can help a bus driver as well as a superstar. That’s the beauty of frameworks.

Works with any ecommerce shop world-wide 

Consider the KIT to be like a psychologist. It can help a bus driver as well as a superstar. That’s the beauty of frameworks.

How Helumium works 
and grows your business 🚀

The old

Spent thousands or tens on ecom UX/UI re-designs and design treatments 

Spent thousands or tens on ecom UX/UI re-designs and design treatments 

Had hard time to put all the UX/CRO learnings into action, based on the ROI

Did not know how to actually implement the improvements

Made some decisions based on personal opinions, not data

Made some decisions based on personal opinions, not data

Might have bought random ecommerce themes and thought its the magic bullet

Satisfied with OK results

The new

Gets Helumium KIT and saves thousands or tens in re-designs and design treatments

Gets the knowledge from thousands of hours of research, years of experience and battle-tested blueprints and guidelines from world’s leading ecommerce brands - in a few minutes

Saves another set of thousands of hours of translating all the researches and blogs into visual conversion blueprints

Can visually compare your ecommerce website against the best practices out there and understand how every element in ecommerce really works for sales

Makes data-informed decisions and has a kick-ass tool and prioritised plan for improving online sales. Considerably.

Wins new and more loyal customers who will order even more from you ecommerce site.

Analyses data and assembles the new converting re-designs with Helumium KIT with minutes not days.

Is more happier, smarter and wealthier


Designed by an experienced and international team 

Bit Finer - a digital powerhouse and the author of Helumium Kit has been working with international clients from over 20 countries for more than 6 years. Won several international awards and grown the revenues of many customers. High standards and high morale are core values.


One size does not fit all, but that is just fine

The Kit is not the final truth. It is the new baseline of a premium UX in ecommerce. You should use it together with your data and assemble the design treatments accordingly. Make data informed decisions.

Helumium Kit saves you a ton of money time and energy. At zero cost 😎

Increase your conversions, usability and profits

 Tap into our knowledge pool and thousands of hours of research and practice. Unlock your growth

Speed up your teamwork and boost productivity

Instead of spending all your time to blogs and podcasts. Use Helumium Kit and grow your business on autopilot.

Save thousands in UX design and UI design

Why draw the UX from scratch, just use Helumium rich component system and sav€ thousand$ on to go.

Get new AB test ideas and assemble variations quickly

You don’t have to be a designer to move the blocks around. As long as you base your actions on data.


Why on earth are we doing this?

After doing same things over and over again for years it became clear something has to change. Ecommerce is growing and is showing no signs of stopping. Especially now, after COVID madness.

As highly skilled UX/CRO experts and UX/UI designers we decided it is time to change the game and give free access to some of the best usability standards and growth hacks know in ecommerce.

We believe that Helumium Kit will help many ecommerce businesses save tens of thousands so they can devote more funds to something else high in demand. Like mining and understanding the data.

We wake up every day to help ecommerce businesses and their clients. Our one and single goal is to make people enjoy the shopping experience even more.

Paul Post
Co-author & Project Manager

Gauthier Schiehlé
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert

Serg Smirnov
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert

Arthur Sipachov
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert 

Lauri Post
Author & UX/UI Designer

What will happen in the future?

We plan to make Helumium Kit the new baseline for all new starting ecom businesses and make it a goto tool for many ecommerce giants looking out to uplift their usability and revenues in a strategical way.

Helumium Kit will be forever free and we plan to add more blueprints, guidelines and automation every year.

Additionally we are considering to release a premium version of the Kit with industry specific blueprints, guidelines and components. And a lot more 😉

One thing is for sure, we plan to help many ecommerce businesses and fight for better usability standards.

Stay tuned 🚀

So, want to get the front row seat?


The answer is

Is Helumium conversion KIT for people who work in or with ecommerce every day?

Is the Kit designed based on data and huge amount of research and experience?

Is it likely that my ecommerce store conversion rates will increase and I make more green?

Does the Kit also save me thousands of dollars and euros, when I plan to do re-designs?

Can my design team use this kit and component library to design the UX/UI times faster?

Is it really Free?

Is the Kit created and sponsored by a highly skilled digital powerhouse called Bit Finer?

Is Helumium looking for new contributors, partners and sponsors so we can all change the world together?

Does the Kit uplift my busimess like helium uplifts zeppelins and balloons?

Should I share this page to my friends, co-workers and maybe even to some strangers who could find this to be very relevant?

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Early Birds Get A Gift

Exclusive and early access to the upcoming Helumium Ecommerce Converion Kit.

A selection of premium marketing automation diagrams to boost sales.

A selection of premium conversion blueprints and guidelines.


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