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Why Helumium

After doing the same things over and over again for years it became clear something has to change. Ecommerce is growing and is showing no signs of stopping. Especially now, after the COVID madness.

As highly skilled UX/CRO experts and UX/UI designers, we decided it is time to change the game and give free access to some of the best usability standards and growth hacks know in eCommerce.

We believe that Helumium products will help many eCommerce businesses save tens of thousands so they can devote more funds to something else high in demand. Like mining and understanding the data. Or polishing each detail on the UI design, or whatever is more important for you or your customers.

We wake up every day to help eCommerce businesses and their clients. Our one and the single goal are to make people enjoy the shopping experience even more. And on our way, we discovered that we can help many designers, freelancers, and agencies too.

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Lauri Post
Author & UX/UI Designer

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Paul Post
Co-author & Project Manager

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Gauthier Schiehlé
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert

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Serg Smirnov
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert

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Arthur Sipachov
Co-author & UX/CRO Expert

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And of course due to ...

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Lost sales

Many eCommerce stores seem to be unaware of the importance of good UX or even ignorant. As a result, they lose a lot of sales.

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Lost customers

First impression matters, a lot. Does it make sense to run a store and then just scare people away with a mediocre UX? No?!

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Lost happiness

By helping eCommerce businesses to get their baseline a lot higher, we also want to make the lives of their shoppers happier.

Created and designed by an experienced and international team 

Bit Finer - a digital powerhouse where the authors of Helumium Kit also practice their skills, has been working with international clients from over 20 countries for more than 6 years. Won several international awards and grown the revenues of many customers. High standards and high morale are core values.

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