Frequently asked questions

What is Helumium?

Helium is a new cosmic and elevating substance formed to help the eCommerce businesses worldwide. The main goal is to increase the usability and profits of your eCommerce site. The Helumium team includes UX/UI designers and CRO specialists whose years of experience and knowledge have been gathered and mixed with industry best practices, which have proven their effectiveness over and over. Helumium is useful for business owners, eCommerce managers, marketers, and those who are directly related to the website (product and marketing managers, UX/UI designers), as well as agencies that help their clients achieve their goals.

How Helumium will help to increase conversions?

Well, it won’t unless you don’t implement the design treatments. Helumium is a set of ready-made and battle-tested guidelines and visualizations that will help you upgrade your usability and conversions. All you have to do is to start implementing them, ideally, by AB testing. You can start with Free Kit and if you need industry-specific knowledge and insights, choose one of our products that will give you the knowledge.

Why should I trust Helumium’s products to grow my business? What are these resources that you refer to as proof?

Like many others, we have gained knowledge through our own experience and best practices as well as following well-known resources in the industry. Helumium’s products are designed using tons of data, research, and years of experience. We have studied numerous researches, hundreds of blogs, worked with clients from 20+ countries. Spent thousands of hours designing the UX of many eCommerce websites.
You can read about our experience on the homepage (link to Helumium is already used by big brands block), as well as follow our blog (, where we keep our followers and clients up to date.

What do I get by signing up for Helumium?

By signing up you will get free access to our free products. For example, the Balloon eCommerce Conversion Kit, packed with 300 UX guidelines and 120 blueprints. You can make thousands of hours of research and years of experience work for you. Improve your eCom website’s usability and profitability. You can also access new and upcoming free products, webinars and get early access to Helumium’s premium products. We call it the inner-circle and in the future, the account area will evolve quite a lot. More freebies that will help you grow faster. By joining Helumium, you can also receive our newsletter we only deliver to our members. Insights, hacks, news, and ideas to grow your business.

What is the difference between Helumium FREE KIT from premium KITs (Zepplin, Galaxy)?

The Premium Kits have super in-depth industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Aimed at bigger eCommerce businesses that are already experienced and are looking for more specific tactics and knowledge to unlock new growth opportunities for the business.

Which platform is Helumium KIT compatible with?

Helumium KIT is quite a universal solution that works with any platform (Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento - you name it). Bring Helumium screens and guidelines to life, no matter which platform you are using. Helumium guidelines can be used on any eCommerce platform.

Why are you sharing Helumium KIT for free, where is the fine print?

Sorry to disappoint you. There are no tricks or fine prints. You get it for free because we want every eCommerce business to have access to knowledge that will help them grow. Our initial goal was at the beginning of the COVID crisis and continues to be - the growth of the eCommerce industry. As a result of the circumstances, we saw how it’s starting to grow and we want to help online businesses get through the most common mistakes phase faster and start making more profits, and give their users and customers a better online experience, which results in customer loyalty. Which results in revenue and profits. As one size does not fit all, we are also creating industry-specific Premium products. Still, our free products are packed with an intense amount of value, so just use them and enjoy growing.

I have a question, how can I contact you?

We love to hear from you. Go to the contact page and, depending on the question, choose your path.

Do you guarantee the results and growth?

Do you know the 2 things that are only 100% certain in life? We thought so. Keeping in mind that we give you the knowledge and how the knowledge is implemented is something we do not control - we find it quite difficult to give any guarantees. So no, no guarantees, but the likelihood of success is very very high as the knowledge bases on an intense amount of data and experience. If you hire us to take you from start to finish, we can talk about guarantees possibly. Feel free to reach out.

Who are you guys?

Helumium was founded by a few persons from the digital powerhouse called Bit Finer, located in one of the leading tech countries – Estonia. Bit Finer is a digital powerhouse that supercharges businesses. It does so with the help of UX/UI Design, Animation, CRO, development, and passion. SaaS, Web, eCommerce, Apps – it’s covered. Read more on the About Us page.

If I feel like I can't handle it, can someone help me?

Please contact us via the Inquiries form on our contact page and we will be happy to assist you or suggest someone who can help you.

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