Cut time spent on eCommerce UX design by half, boost profits.

On top of that, you can use Helumium Design System (HDS) to make your designs generate more sales for your clients. Everybody wins, especially you, the designer.

“By using the design system we were able to save a lot of time on arguments and the process went incredibly fast”


You can increase your speed of UX production and profits. Noticeably, measurably.


You can increase your customer happiness because the designs will generate more sales.


You can jump from UX to UI with the same system, and save a heap of time, again.


Your designs are backed up by 300+ UX guidelines, research, and tons of data. Fewer edits.


The design system enhances teamwork and productivity, which influences the bottom line.


You can customize, scale, and build the system based on your vision and needs.


Mobile and desktop views


UX guidelines to support your decisions


Global and easily customizable nested symbols and styles


Simple text styles


Main color styles


Main shadow styles


Main grids





Material, Streamline





Component categories

You get the best practices, and it is easy to use, especially in Figma

Free Guidelines

Backed up by 300+ battle-tested UX guidelines

You are in the power position. You can always refer to the guidelines and have a strong backbone if someone wants to go in a direction that could hurt the conversions and the sweet sweet designs. You can now punch back.

Screens & Blueprints

Components and views ready for action

We interpreted the guidelines and made them visual for you in Figma. You can see how the guidelines should be visualized on 120+ screens which are packed with styles and components and with beautiful constraints.

System & Styles

Change once, auto-update globally 

Fonts, colors, shadows, constraints - everything is packed and nested into smart components you can modify and update globally. Change, resize, replace - you decide.

Working with the design system is a bliss

Working with components is easy, replace or move them around

You can easily switch the order if needed or even replace the component with another one from the library. Or add yours!

Edit master components to 
make them update globally

All the master components are categorized in a dedicated Figma page so it would be easy to auto-update all views.

Edit global styles to update 
them globally and super fast

Fonts, colors, shadows, paddings, size, and so on. You are the boss and can work at scale and super fast.

Customize the branding and make it look yours or your clients

Create tappable or clickable prototypes faster than ever before

Jump from UX to UI with the speed of light and skyrocket your profits

We get it, you are the rockstar - so we made it easy for you to add your or client’s branding with a few clicks ;)

Thanks to the master components you can make your prototype clickable incredibly fast. Just push overrides to master.

Duplicate the UX project or keep a master. Start applying UI styles to master components and magic will happen.

Yes, things are cooking

Denim Dream is a leading fashion brand in the Baltics and its revenue exceeds 100 million euros. They use the design system to fully re-design their website. Expect a case study soon.

Denim Dream’s Case-Study

Want to highlight your project?

Get Helumium for Figma

What’s inside

300+ Free UX Guidelines

60+ Mobile Blueprints

60+ Desktop Blueprints

Nested symbols and components 

40 component categories

24 global styles

In addition, you will get the next 2 version updates for free and suggest what to improve



1-lifetime license for 1 person

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