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Helumium is already being used by brands big and almost that big

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Denim Dream is a leading fashion brand in the Baltics with a team of 400 fashionistas and 130 physical stores. Revenue exceeds 100 million euros. We use Helumium’s products and auditing services to fully redesign our ecom website and mobile app.

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Mari-Liis, Head of Marketing Tallinn, Estonia

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Prike is the leading sales and marketing company of premium beverages in the Baltics with 100+ million euros of annual revenue. They use Helumium Kit and auditing service to improve usability and conversion rates on key areas of their current website.

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Kelly, Head of Ecommerce Tallinn, Estonia

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We are one of the best cafes, coffee roasters, and chocolate shops in Germany and are one of the top 500 shopping recommendations in Germany. We use Helumium to cross-check our site and improve the usability and conversions.

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Matthias, Co-Founder Berlin, Germany

Designed using tons of data, research and years of experience

We have studied numerous researches, hundreds of blogs, worked with clients from 20+ countries. Spent thousands of hours designing the UX of many eCommerce websites. Also, meet our top inspiration sources.

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